my work

Sharing my passion of swing dance

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Swing music has a power... the power to move your feet and make travel to other era and world.

My style is influenced by many sources, argentine tango, walts, classic…

Music and dance have to work hand in hand, that's why I try to transmit this feeling during my dances.



With more than 10 years teaching (Ballroom, Tango and Lindy hop), I've shared with hundreds of students my passion and my knowledge.

Teaching had become my life and nowadays I spend hours and hours teaching to pass my philosophie in swing dance: keep the music as soul and use the technique as a tool.


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After several months in Germany taking classes and training, I decided to set up my own school in Terrassa, Barcelona: Triple Step

Triple Step is a part of me and I'm a part of it. I've built a more than 200 dancers community and a strong team of teachers.

This project is more than a dance school, is a platform to learn and share (experiences, music, dance, tools...).